Crocodile & Goji Infused in Fish Maw - 50g

New Crocodile & Goji Infused in Fish Maw - 50g

Fish maw is full of collagen, which helps joint health while cleaning teeth.

Adding wolfberry crocodile meat improves tracheal sensitivity, nourishes qi and blood, protects the liver, and improves eyesight.

Thin strips, especially suitable for children with small mouths

- For Pets Only

-Snacks must be stored in a cool, sealed place.

-No added preservatives, please use up as soon as possible after opening.

-It is normal for natural products to have color differences due to manual production and food supply.

-The finished products of natural products may be slightly different due to seasonal changes or the supply of ingredients. All products shall prevail in kind.

-The actual weight of the product may be ±5g due to manual weighing and packaging.

-Due to the limitations of the actual situation, the website and the store sales prices, promotional activities, conditions and restrictions have opportunities to be different, all terms only apply to this page.

-In case of any dispute, the company reserves the right of final decision without prior notice.

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