(Dogs & Cats) Kakato - Golden Fern Series-Lobster with Cheese 70g

(Dogs & Cats) Kakato -  Golden Fern Series-Lobster with Cheese 70g


Golden Fern Series-Simmered Duck with Goji Berries

Goji berries: Rich in essential amino acids and scientifically proven to have an antioxidant property.

Rich in vitamins and a wide range of essential dietary minerals.

Duck: Lean protein source with rich level of essential amino acids, vitamins and dietary minerals.

Suitable for those with food sensitivities or allergies to common protein source.

Scientifically proven with antioxidant properties to help protect body from oxidative damage.

Halal certified


  • Up to 78% meat content

  • Made from fresh, premium, and human-grade ingredients

  • No artificial colors, taste enhancers, preservatives, or chemicals

  • Our chickens and cows are fed on prime quality feed 

  • Our fishes are caught ecologically in the natural open waters of the oceans

  • Healthy, tasty, and delicious


  • Helps pets settle down in a new environment quickly

  • Improves pets appetite when suffering from anorexia

  • Improves pets appetite during convalescence following surgery or illness

  • Helps increase pets' fluid intake when added to their regular dry foods i.e. higher fluid intake protects against lower feline urinary tract disease

  • Reduces intake of chemicals and preservatives in the long run


• Duck Meat 50%

• Goji Berries 3%

• Water 47%

Guaranteed Analysis:

• Crude Protein (min.) 15%

• Crude Fat (min.) 0.5%

• Crude Fibre (max.) 0.5%

• Ash (max.) 1.5%

• Moisture (max.) 83%

Energy: 61 kcal/100g (ME)

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