(Dogs & Cats) Kakato - Sea Bream Mousse 70g

(Dogs & Cats) Kakato -  Sea Bream Mousse 70g


Sea Bream Mousse

Sea Bream: Excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids associated with promoting healthy skin and coat condition,

cognitive functioning and eye development. High-quality lean protein source, low in fat and highly digestible.

Mousse texture: Suitable for cats & dogs that have difficulty in chewing solid food.

And it is convenient to mix and feed with dry food and supplement.

Halal certified


  • Up to 78% meat content

  • Made from fresh, premium, and human-grade ingredients

  • No artificial colors, taste enhancers, preservatives, or chemicals

  • Our chickens and cows are fed on prime quality feed 

  • Our fishes are caught ecologically in the natural open waters of the oceans

  • Healthy, tasty, and delicious


  • Helps pets settle down in a new environment quickly

  • Improves pets appetite when suffering from anorexia

  • Improves pets appetite during convalescence following surgery or illness

  • Helps increase pets' fluid intake when added to their regular dry foods i.e. higher fluid intake protects against lower feline urinary tract disease

  • Reduces intake of chemicals and preservatives in the long run

Ingredients :

• Seabream 44% 

• Sunflower seed oil 2% 

• Polysaccharide gum 1%

• Starch 0.2%

• Water 52.8% 

Guaranteed Analysis :

• Crude Protein (min.) 7%

• Crude Fat (min.) 2%

• Crude Fibre (max.) 0.5%

• Ash (max.) 1.5%

• Moisture (max.) 86%

Energy: 52kcal/100g(ME)

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